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Rev. Bruce Glines

President/Executive Director, Serve International Pastor, Sutter Community Church Marriage Coaching

Mal and Jeanette are skilled and gifted marriage coaches that employ a team approach. Their areas of specialization are pre-marital and family/marriage coaching. Jeanette also works with women in crisis with backgrounds that involve abuse.

Rev. Pat Craig

Former Associate Pastor, Adobe Christian Center Petaluma, CA Marriage Coaching

Mal and Jeanette have assumed a large part of the counseling duties at this church. Through their inspired and dedicated ministry we have seen families restored, marriages saved, and individuals set free from life-long bondage. They have led many couples through pre-marital counseling and in doing so have, with the Lord's guidance, helped to lay a firm foundation in many marriages.

Paul and Patty Lauterjung,

Financial Freedom Ministries, Roseville, CA Marriage Coaching

The Bakke's ministry profoundly improved our marriage. Through their Biblically based counseling, encouragement, and prayer we found healing from negative strongholds in all areas of our life. They have given us the tools to grow individually and develop a Godly marriage.

Carl and Gina

Marriage Coaching

Thanks to their commitment, many prayers, and confidence in us, we have pressed through difficult issues to be more of what God has called us to be as a married couple. Their honesty, wisdom and love were very evident and our marriage is stronger now that it has ever been.

Richard and Donna

Marriage Coaching

We believe Mal and Jeanette were the answers to our prayers and the help we were in need of.  We were blessed through our experience with their ministry of Biblically grounded marriage coaching. They have evidence of the fruit of the Spirit, and are genuinely compassionate in serving Christ by helping others achieve victory.

Tom and Sheri

Marriage Coaching

Through personal mentoring with Jeanette, I was able to trust God with my heart. He showed me the woman and wife that He wanted me to be and I was able to devote myself emotionally and physically to my husband.
At the same time, my husband and I went through marital coaching with both Mal and Jeanette. With their love, guidance, prayers and experience we learned not only what a Godly marriage is, but most importantly, how to love and respect each other.

Jeff and Meljone' Rosticil

Author of the Books "Unshakable" and "Bullet Proof" Marriage Coaching

"Mal and Jeanette are great. They are personable, fun, spiritual, and they know their stuff. They are not just counselors but mentors, and they helped us prepare well for marriage during our engagement. We recommend them whole-heartedly."


Marriage Coaching

Dear Mal and Jeanette,
I am sorry I didn't do this earlier but I wanted to thank you both for turning my and Sherie's marriage around.
If we had waited much longer to meet with you both, our marriage might not have lasted. You both were a gift from God, a breath of fresh air for a relationship that was suffocating. God has really blessed us.
I look back at the last year and see how far we've come with Him and you both. I know God is proud of us, and that the honor factor is much higher. It was a rough road and I know that there's more work ahead, it never stops. Thank you both!

Carroll Ann

Healing Prayer

I am developing an intimate friendship with God since Jeanette has been mentoring and teaching me how. Everything she has shared with me comes from God's Word. I am now living in new freedom and peace that God had intended for me all along.

Most of my life, my mind has been full of lies and deceptions about myself and even doubts concerning God's love for me. God is setting me free from the past and I am beginning to live in the peace and love of God.

(Carroll Ann is now truly living in the peace and love of God as she went to be with the Lord October 2008)


Healing Prayer

The ministry I have received from you has been life-changing.  I first came in such dire need of help, and your straight-forward and Spirit-led counsel allowed me to get back a sense of who God created me to be.  I felt so beat down by the enemy, and you helped me see what was my responsibility to deal with and what I needed to let go.  You helped me learn to stand against the lies of the enemy through Listening Prayer and deliverance ministry.  You spoke life and encouragement when I needed it the most, and you continue to do so!  Bless you both!


Healing Prayer

Listening Prayer has been, hands-down, the most influential tool in receiving healing for the deep wounds of my heart and restoring my relationship with God.  To be able to "hear" His words of life, love and truth to me, about the memories I'd tried for so long to forgive and "forget", is revolutionizing my beliefs and perspective on my past, present and future.  I have felt truly known for all that I am and loved more intensely than I could have ever imagined. 
But this would not have been possible, by any other means, than through one who has already "risen from the ashes", and compassionately seeks the same healing for others with fierce determination, as Jeanette.  I can't put a price on the method that turned this soul around to find relentless love in the eyes of the One I'd been running from.


Healing Prayer

Jeanette has a passion to see Gods people set free from the bondages and strongholds of their sin. She is a woman of faith and wisdom. From the example of her life I have learned to run the race that God has sent before me. God has placed her in my life at a time when I was not strong enough to push on to victory. Her ongoing commitment to learn from God and teach others has bore fruit in my life. As a mentor she became an expression of God’s love with skin on. She taught me how to put my faith and trust in God and the important role of listening prayer in renewing my mind in my pain filled memories. As the lies were exposed in each painful memory, the Lord Jesus brought His light into each one, healing me of the pain and setting me free.



Deliverance changed my total outlook about God. He wants to heal and show us and others they are being told lies from the enemy.  Also, how the power of forgiveness will change your life and outlook. This kind of ministry is amazing, and shows how fast God can heal your soul and spirit. It goes beyond imagination.   



I come from a history of sexual, emotional and physical abuse.  As I sought healing Jesus has faithfully restored me piece by piece.  When I became aware of the tool Rising Up Whole Ministries was using I was somewhat reluctant, but I so trust God that I went for an appointment.  I was amazed at the depth of freedom I gained from that experience.  I have also used the aftercare and continue to be thankful for the awesomeness of our Lord and Savior through this process.



In October of 2008, though I had been back with God for about 4 years, my life was out of control; family violence perpetuated by me was threatening to rob me of my wife and children.  I had been prayed for repeatedly, would find temporary relief...but no permanent change.
One Sunday an associate pastor at my church was praying for me and my son, again, and recommended that I go see Mal and Jeanette for a "deliverance".  I gave them a call and headed out to see them within a day or two.
Without going into too much detail let it suffice to say that I was very messed up mentally and spiritually, and desperate for help, and God showed up and through this ministry gave me the help I needed.
I am still a work in progress, and this side of heaven I suppose we all are, but when I walked out of their house that day, the colors of the trees were brighter, the sun was warmer, and life in general was much more worth living.
I am grateful to Mal and Jeanette for what they do and pray the Lord will continue to use them in His mighty purpose.  



I wanted to thank you for the deliverance session you did with my husband, Henry. It is hard to put into words how life changing that whole experience was, because so much changed after that time.  The biggest difference I have seen is the overall freedom Will has experienced from guilt, shame and depression. Prior to that weekend his struggle with these emotions was debilitating. They were there with him always lingering in the background of his life. Functioning on a daily basis was often very challenging for him. Since his session with you it is like a new person has emerged from the shadows. He is full of hope and God's strength and his days are no longer ruled by these negative emotions (which we now know were ways that Satan and his demons were using to keep Henry from living the life he was meant to, in God).
Another huge thing that was accomplished through the deliverance was a clean slate that allowed him to really hear from God. Will went into this deliverance time bitter and angry at a God who he felt like was always just out of reach. He desperately wanted to experience God, hear his voice and know that He loved him. But, when he went to pray, it felt like picking up a phone with no one on the other end. After the demonic was cast from him, Henry had the most rich time with God.  He heard his voice and could commune with the Holy Spirit in way that he had not been able to before. For a young man who had lost both of his earthly parents, to hear from his heavenly Father was life changing.
Henry had been in counseling for about a year and a half and had also seen a psychiatrist for 2 years. I cannot even compare the progress that was made over the course of those 2 sessions to the countless hours spent in therapy. All the counseling and therapy of various kinds cannot even touch this work of deliverance. God healed Henry in the most radical ways and I am so thankful to you, your ministry and the way you are submitting to God's plan for your life.  Bless you!



It's hard to express in words how powerful this ministry has been for me; In fact, I don't think I've even seen the full benefit yet. I agreed to go through the deliverance because I felt like I was at an impasse in my walk with God.  My life did not resemble the high calling of Christ-likeness; instead, I was  paralyzed by fear, apathy, depression, lust, anger and all the sin those desires fueled.  I had been in counseling and on medication for months but it didn’t seem to make a difference.  The harder I tried to change or improve my life on my own, the more frustrated I got.  It seemed as though something was in the way; something was making it so hard to let go of my sin.  It was like my heart was in love with my sin and I couldn't explain why.
The deliverance itself was amazing.  While the spiritual warfare was intense, it was nothing compared to the beauty of the time spent listening to the Holy Spirit.  It was like all the garbage blocking the way between me and God had been released and I could hear him so clearly.  Afterwards, I just felt like God had cleaned house.  While it wasn't an instant fix for all my problems, I finally feel like I can make progress in my relationship with Him and my sanctification.  It's like major obstacles have been cleared in my path and I can run the race without hindrances.  I couldn't have done it without Jeanette.  Her faith, obedience, and boldness were incredibly inspiring as she led me into the very presence of God.  I'm so grateful for her ministry and cannot wait to hear about more successes she has in being used by God to deliver other Christians from demonic activity in their lives. 



The Lord led me to Jeanette for mentoring in 2008. Because of the discipleship, healing prayer and deliverance prayer, I AM AN OVERCOMER of the fear, confusion, condemnation and depression I had lived under for years. The Lord gave me eternal life the day I became a Christian; now He has set me free from the strongholds of the enemy that were still a part of me.  I have fallen completely in love with Him!      



While growing up, I learned in the church that "Christians can't be demon-possessed." What I didn't realize was that no where in God's Word is the concept of "demon possession" ever taught. What is taught, however, is the idea of being "demonized."
The more I studied this concept in light of the Scriptures, the more it became apparent that demonic influence had been exerted in my life for years, and to a greater extent during the years following my salvation. As a Christian, I saw demons with my own eyes, heard them with my own ears, had demonic images flood my mind, and felt the heaviness of looming deep sadness, despair, and condemnation.  Even as a believer, I experienced times  when I felt utterly out of control and unable to pray aloud. I lived my life to a mantra of defeat and self-hatred playing continuously in my mind.
All the while, I was living in duplicity. Satan had gained a strong foothold in my soul through the addiction that relentlessly plagued my life. I loved God--I know I did. All I could think about in my sober moments was how desperately I desired to please God. But I was hopelessly unable to live at length in accordance with my true heart. My soul felt constantly under siege. I was trying to "get it together," but on the inside I was in disarray and terribly malnourished.
My deliverance was the day the Lord broke through the siege the enemy had placed around my soul. I no longer experience the incessant barrage of lies, deep gloom, condemnation, despair, and shame. I am now free to open wide the gates of my soul that the King of Glory may enter (Psalm 24:7).  All is not perfect, but the Lord has started the work of rebuilding the ancient ruins, and restoring the places long devastated within my soul (Isaiah 61:4). There is still the work of inner healing, growing in the spiritual disciplines, and recapturing the mind of Christ, ahead of me.  By no means was my deliverance a one-stop fix.  God desires relationship with me too greatly to disqualify me from the process of sanctification. What is certain is that "He (the Lord) brought me out into a spacious place; He rescued me because He delighted in me" (2 Samuel 22:20). "Surely [His] goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" (Psalm 23:6).

Richard & Sarah


My wife and I each received deliverance ministry through Rising Up Whole Ministries. It has brought a profound and lasting change to our lives. For me, the biggest thing has been in the area of God’s call on my life, which I can now fully agree with and embrace.  Since my deliverance, I have been able to make rapid progress in the work God is calling me into.
My wife has been set free of fear that has held her back our entire married life; even our three year old daughter was affected behaviorally. This generational fear was dealt with during my wife's session, with instant results for my daughter. Praise God!
I highly recommend this ministry to anyone. 



"I came to Rising Up Whole Ministries to receive ministry in areas in my life that were left unresolved for many years. The ministry time seemed to go by very quickly, although I believe we spent over five hours unraveling the lies I believed that the enemy has told me to hinder me in my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
My life growing up was so fragmented that I wasn't sure that I would receive the kind of help that I needed. The grace, the authority, the compassion that flowed from Jeanette allowed me to feel at ease with the process. It was a very freeing experience that has continued to allow me to approach the throne room of God with truth and not with the lies that were embedded in my soul and spirit.
She came to meet with me several times after my initial ministry appointment. That also was a valuable part of my freedom. I have grown to love this sister in the Lord. She is very full of the compassion of Christ and treated me with respect every time we met. Her words were wise and scriptural (which in itself is full of counsel and life liberating).
I hope and pray that this ministry stays availabe to so many in the body of Christ that needs the lies in their lives exposed and brought to the truth that God has provided for each and every one of us." 



After deliverance ministry with Rising Up Whole Ministries, I have no more anxieties and have more peace; my spirit is different, my mind cleaner. I have also been set free from deep feelings of loneliness.  

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