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About Mal & Jeanette

Mal and Jeanette have been married since 1970. During their years together, they have made their home in California, northern Oregon, and now in southern Oregon. Mal is a retired Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher, and Jeanette is a retired Seamstress and Sewing Instructor.

Looking back over more than five decades, three experiences stand out above the rest. First, the birth of their three, now grown, children: Ken, who resides near them; Christine in Colorado; and Becky (living with her husband in Texas), who has made them the proud grandparents of two active, growing teen boys.

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Mal & Jeanette

A Glimpse Into the Personal Lives of the Founders

A Glimpse Into the Personal Lives of the Founders


My mother was an alcoholic and had a constant stream of men in and out of our house; I was violated by almost every man she brought home. We were often sent to relatives because my mother's new relationship didn't want anything to do with us (we were in the way), or she had gotten wind of the fact that the authorities had been called because my brother and I were raising ourselves.

My father left when I was 8 days old and for many years I didn't know if he was dead or alive.  In 2018, through Ancestry.com, I was reunited with my father's family, was able to visit his grave site and officiate a memorial service for him.  (He was buried during a blizzard and there had never been a memorial service.)

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2018 Willow Laske (4)
2019 OCT 1 (93)


I grew up in church, but my need for a personal relationship with God did not become apparent until after I had gone through a divorce and remarried; I was 33 years old.

Having been raised on the family farm in rural Minnesota in a close-knit, intact family (Father, Mother, two sisters, and a brother), I was unprepared for the shock, pain, and loss of my marriage through betrayal and divorce.

I knew what it was to pull together as a family, work alongside each other, attend church and share common goals, but this sense of commitment, family, and work ethic did not give me the tools I needed to make my marriage work.  After five years together, I found myself alone in California, 2,200 miles away from family and close friends.

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Rising up Whole Ministries Inc. Officers and Board of Directors

  • President/Chairman: Jeanette Bakke
  • Vice President: Mal Bakke
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Gwen Bohannon
  • Board Members: Pat & Marge Daly

Qualifications & Training

Licensed and Ordained: International Ministerial Fellowship

Training: Graduates of Genesis Bible School

Specialized Training:

Sexual Abuse Leadership Training Seminar (SALTS and Open Hearts Ministry)
The healing Path (Dan Allender)
Abuse Helpers Workshop (Dan Allender - Wounded Heart)


  • Biblical Marriage Coaching: 1993 – Present
  • Inner Healing Ministry (Listening Prayer): 2002 – Present
  • Deliverance Ministry: 2007 – Present
  • Abuse Support Group Co-Leader: 2000 – 2002
  • Healing Room Ministry: 2002 - 2003